As shown by numerous studies, a printed catalogue is still an important element of product communication. It comes in different forms (compact-sized, specialised, extra qualitative), has become supplementary to digital media and is used more and more as a tool to discover what is on offer. The printed catalogue therefore still has a firm place in todays society…

It is for this reason that nextPage© is printed publication module continues to develop, alongside digital publication modules (interactive catalogues, e-catalogues, e-commerce, mobile-friendly solutions), in order to provide users with greater flexibility and productivity.

In general terms, nextPage© is printed publication modules allow you to automatically generate catalogues in InDesign and PDF format, even if you do not have InDesign on your computer. To be able to provide this feature, nextPage© is supported by an InDesign Server. The InDesign Server, produces (on a server) catalogues in InDesign and PDF, by interfacing with nextPage©.

In order to respond to the growing needs of its clients (more than 130,000 final pages are automatically generated using nextPage© each year), 3c-evolution has invested in a new infrastructure and a new Adobe InDesign Server CC Multi-instances license. These investments allow  3c-evolution to significantly expand its catalogue production capacity, by generating up to 20 InDesign documents at a time. With nextPage©, it is now possible to generate more than 1,600 catalogue pages in InDesign format per hour.

This feature is available on the new nextPage© version, which will on sale at the end of November.

To start using nextPage© or to simply find out more about it, don’t hesitate to contact us