We often have the opportunity to exchange problems encountered in terms of content and product information with our current and potential clients. It is a sensitive subject and is at the heart of our company and solutions. The 3 « c » of 3c-evolution signify « Catalogue, Commerce & Content »….

A companys capacity to manage its product data well is indeed a real strategic value and gives the company a true advantage against competitors. To adequately measure the quality of a product information system, there are 5 crucial criteria:

  • Exhaustiveness,
  • Suitability,
  • Uniqueness,
  • Coherence,
  • Precision.

Today, two factors make this particularly complex:

  • the growing customisation of catalogues (to create a greater impact),
  • the multiplication of ways to spread product information (desktops, smartphones, tablets, digital signage boards, …).

This makes it necessary to multiply content, in terms of both the target audience and the format, at least for marketing or commercial content. For example, a commercial argument aimed at a certain group of clients will not be the same as that aimed at a different group. The same argument would also not be written in the same way for a hard-copy as it would if it is to be displayed on the website (for which search engine index rules must be considered…).

It is therefore now more important than ever that a company has the resources (internal or external) and the tools to manage its product information successfully (data management) and put an adequate editorial strategy in place.

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