A complex product is a group of products that can be sold in the following forms:

  • as a kit, for example a tool box containing a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, tape measure, etc…),
  • as accessories, for example a hoover that would come with several  nozzles,
  • as a compound product, for example an air conditioning system, made up of an exterior unit, an interior unit and a controller.

All of these complex product types can be managed on nextPage©, using links between products and references. It is possible to link one product with several products, one product with several references, or one reference with several references.

On the nextPage© PIM module, each product, whether it is part of a kit, a set of accessories or a complex product, has its own characteristics and exists in its own right.

It is also possible to:

  • Easily create links between products and references,
  • Create a graphic visualisation of the products/composition of complex products.

For both types of publication (hard-copy and digital), nextPage© also allows you to:

  • publish information for one complex product on one page in a printed catalogue,
  • navigate between different products within a kit, a set of accessories or a complex product,
  • post the information that links several products on one webpage.

Many nextPage© clients use this notion of complex products: ALDES, CESi, EFI AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE, HITACHI, KUHN, SENSTRONIC, …

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